The Times They are A-Changin’


The Loft in London is relaunching as a private party, for friends and long-time supporters on Sunday December 3rd. Invitations are being sent from with reservation details and info on our new location in Camden so stay tuned to your inbox.

Chapter Three


As some of you will remember, we began this journey with David Mancuso, at the Light Bar, back in 2003, before moving to the Rose Lipman Building, in 2014.
We are thrilled to announce that the community is evolving once more and is now branching into two groups: The London Loft and Lucky Cloud Sound System. (-The latter will provide an opportunity for long-standing team members to step up and play records). It’s an important shift and we wish them every success.
Meanwhile, in its official capacity, The London Loft will uphold David's legacy and lineage, according to his wishes.
In David’s very own words:
“We started the first party as the Loft (party) in London. [It’s] a concept that works anywhere, as long as people want it to, and act in good faith. (...)
I would not have done this if I felt in any way that this concept and lifestyle, if you will, would in any shape way or form be exploited."


We Got Our Own Thing


Our decision to reimagine The London Loft as an invitation-only gathering, is to honour David’s expression of a party as a h(ohm) for friends and their guests.
There are many facets to David’s vision, both technical and ethereal. So, from Wendy’s delicious vegan spread, to our warm, friendly staff and immersive décor; we’re working hard to get things right.
David personally handpicked our musical hosts, Colleen Murphy, Guillaume Chottin and Simon Halpin, to curate the seven-hour musical journey.
Then, of course, there's the audiophile element. Among the many components of our set-up are the Koetsu cartridges—undeniably the DNA of the Loft sound system.
Glasgow-based Iain Mackie (our inimitable sound engineer), also deserves a mention. David insisted on his involvement because he's truly a one-off—hands-on and unflappable in a crisis. (-Swears like a pro too mind, but we’ll brush over that!)


Finally there’s the community, vibration and life-force of the party. Thank you for being part of our story.
We can’t wait to welcome you to our housewarming.

Get ready…for the future...

Music is love.
Love saves the day,
The London Loft family